Dalleagles TT

Thank you for all members who attended the club TT today – big thanks to Billy Ramsey for taking the time to organise this fantastic event.

Congratulations to the top 3 riders – John Dunlop, Oliver Newton and Dave Mackie.

RiderTime outTime backTime total
1John Dunlop8.389.0917.47
2Davie Mackie8.469.3818.24
3Dougie Ferguson9.2210.4020.02
4Ally Hume9.3010.3820.08
5David Robinson9.5410.5620.50
6Mark Kerr10.0811.1921.27
7Dougie Watson10.2011.1721.37
8Martin Ward10.1511.2321.38
9Billy Ramsay10.2011.3021.50
10Alex Paterson10.1611.5622.12
11Jim Sutherland10.3811.3722.15
12William Bruce11.0012.1623.16
13Mark Brady11.0812.3323.41
14George Loy11.3912.1623.55
15John Gilmour11.3513.1324.48
16Oliver NewtonTBCTBCTBC
Loudoun Road Club Dalleagles TT 2022 results